I Feel Meh..

Do you ever feel meh? When I am feeling really depressed I feel numb, or nothing but today I feel meh.

I don't know why. I also don't really know what it means. I know I feel it though.

I decided to google the definition. I have to agree, a lack of interest or enthusiasm. That is exactly how I feel.

Nothing has happened to trigger this, I just feel like the world is beating me down. I've been feeling meh, or worse, for

months now and I would love to feel good, happy, joyful. How do you overcome this feeling of meh? How do you move on from it? I am pulling even further away from people I care about because I feel like everything I say is negative due to this meh-ness.

At church today the pastor said,

"If something in your life is not beautiful, God's not done yet. If something is not glorious, God's not finished yet."

This gave me an immense amount of hope until he continued,

"Hopefully, maybe, we will experience that beauty and glory in this life. His plan is for eternity."

So if you're feeling meh, it won't last for eternity.. but eternity lasts for eternity.. so you could feel meh for quite a long time.