Entertaining your Inner Child

At the beginning of Covid, one of my favorite people on the planet launched Operation: Tungsten Light. The purpose was to spread light, love and positivity. She also had the goal of giving people a place to go for a sense of schedule when our daily routines were thrown to the wind.

Throughout the first 30+ days, there was at least one Facebook Live speaker each day. There was no topic off limits, we had workout sessions, slam poetry sessions, we learned how to listen, cook, and cut hair. We talked about mindset, spirits, art, and how to be yourself.

Margaret reached out to me asking if I would "talk or teach about something in Tungsten Light." I said "Happily! I have no idea what I would talk about though?"

"kitties?" she recommended.

I wasn't sure if she was joking or not. Let's be honest, I could talk for days about my precious little angel babies.

She asked what I love to do.

"Read, write, play games, snuggle babies, travel, baseball"

"Ohhhhhh baseball!"

"Something about setting a goal around what you truly love, something that brings you child like joy... for me that's baseball" I said.

Ultimately, we decided I would present on entertaining your inner child, which for me, includes baseball.

Let it be known, I do not particularly enjoy public speaking and I sure as heck do not enjoy video.

Alas, I'll do anything for Mo.

So here it is, entertaining your inner child, I hope this inspires you to seek out what gives the inner boy/girl inside of you joy. Just because we have grown up does not mean we don't deserve child like joy.